I want a coffee with aguardente!

Bicabagaço calls upon the true Portugal that is within us, the traditional coffee with aguardente (or brandy), and the audacity of the Portuguese people, who, in spite of some adversities, face life and move forward, determined that everything will turn out well.

his was the spirit of Bicabagaço in the 70’s and 80’s, and given we are the most demanding nation when it comes to its cup of coffee, Bicabagaço could not be less than a genuinely Portuguese liqueur, prepared with the best aguardente bagaceira and liqueur of natural coffee extract.

“he name of this beverage may sound too popular, maybe like a plebeian brand of a product without refinement.
But you should not judge a book by its cover…
Among similar liqueurs, Portuguese and foreign, “BICABAGAÇO” is not less than other products; none is better than it, not even equal, in virtue of the great care that is put into its traditional manufacturing process and the scrupulous ingredient selection:
– highest quality coffee;
– genuine aguardente chosen among the best in the wine region of Palmela.
Therefore it is not made with synthetic essences, artificial colourings, substitutes or imitations. That is guaranteed. As a result it does not require a fancy name to impress. Its taste and aroma are enough, since they certify as well as the most sophisticated laboratory analysis.”

Prof. António de Matos Fortuna
Text of the packaging of Bicabagaço in the 80’s