Conheço-te de gingeira


We known them like the palm of our hands… the wild cherries, Serra do Louro and the wish to drink a ginjinha without any obligation. Cheers to our Conheço-te de Ginjeira that opens the way to the Ginja liqueur of Palmela!

Until the mid 50’s, our region was an important producer of wild cherries, a native species to the Serra do Louro. If you ask old inhabitants, the answer is that they have handpicked, filled and carried many fruit boxes to ship to Lisbon”.
And since any self-respecting liqueur maker has his recipe of ginja, Emídio Fortuna had his own, made from wild cherries from Serra do Louro.

Conheço-te de Ginjeira results in a fruity, crystalline and versatile liqueur. The contemporary version of the ginja liqueur that can be enjoyed the traditional way or even in cocktails. Always chilled!