Duarte Fortuna, who has a 30-year career in food production, followed closely the production of his father’s liqueurs since a young age. The know-how of liqueur making passed from father to son.
On the other hand, Sofia, who had just graduated in Social and Cultural Communication at the Portuguese Catholic University, was just starting her experience in the field of advisory and consultancy when her father challenged her.

Lima Fortuna is created in 2012 by Sofia Lima Fortuna, under the guidance of her father. That same year, the company develops and implements the LEADER project “Arrabidine – the legendary liqueur of Arrábida”, a Community initiative promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Regional Planning and co-financed by the EAFRD, aiming at the recovery of Arrabidine – the Secret of the Arrábida’s Monks and the House of Arrabidine, where it is now produced.

Since the will to explore old recipes and traditional processes was born with the recovery of Arrabidine, we thought of going further and recover more family recipes as well as investing in the field of spirituous beverages.

Duarte Fortuna and Sofia Lima Fortuna, son and granddaughter of Emídio, founded Lima Fortuna with the mission to recover Arrabidine – the Secret of Arrábida’s Monks, for being an exceptional and surprising digestive beverage, obtained by the hands of the same family for three generations, the traditional way. The most important: to keep the Secret of Arrábida’s Monks alive, improving it and making it even greater, in order to be tasted as a true experience.